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We Design & Develop High Quality Professional Websites

Our business is to design and help create quality websites for our customers.

We will go further with our designs and build those websites best by understanding your products and services; research your market; and thereby present the information for your market and potential customers in the best way possible.

Website Design

Expert Web Media excel in website design & development for businesses. We offer solutions to get your message out to your industry. Every web design project is customised, carefully planned, designed and built. Our designs are user-friendly, easy to use and search engine optimised to match your business needs. Take advantage of our attractive website design packages. Call the friendly web design company today.

eCommerce Websites

eCommerce Websites has provided many opportunities for small businesses and sole traders alike to easily compete with larger competitors. If you are looking to expand your business, an online eCommerce store can be a very good investment to build and grow your business. We work together with you to design and to develop the ideal eCommerce Website to sell your products and services.

Web Development

Web Development is the process of getting it built right. We provide a wide range of custom website design & development solutions for businesses. Our web developers utilize the latest technologies to carefully construct quality business websites for today's challenging online markets. Call on Expert Web Media to help you with with your web development project today.

Understanding your Business

Our first objective is to understand your business and your market before we start to churn out a website. By understanding your business we create websites that match and fit well with your requirements at the same time serving your target markets. There is absolutely no point in having a website that does not send the correct message to your website visitor.

High Efficiency Web Pages

It is an ideal situation where the design and content of the website has a high efficiency of giving the right information to the visitor. By having this high efficiency your website creates a connection with your target visitor. A bond is created for that moment with your visitor. It is important to keep them on your site. By creating a stronger bond and empathy with your target visitor you can steer them into the right direction.

This method of design not only pays well but also addresses usability factors and efficiency of the website by converting a visitor into an inquiring customer.

Creating a stronger bond with the visitor.

This really means to empower them by:

  • getting them to revisit your site in the future,
  • to sign up for your newsletters,
  • to get them to contact you,
  • convincing them to do business with your organization.

Our website design procedures and plans address this issue from the moment we start designing and building a website. We design and build websites by keeping your business in mind at all times.

Visitor Perspective

Our design and development concepts take users perspective into consideration. It is a fact that what one thinks of a website and what is produced can be two different things.

Websites are made to sell your service or product and this is our fundamental aim in our designs. We design and develop a win-win situation for you and your visitors.

Website Traffic

After developing a design for a site we then start building the pages. We optimize each and every webpage for search engines. Having optimization in place enables your site to be better indexed by search engines. This data is then used to display your website pages for certain key phrases on a search engine search query.

When a visitor goes to a search engine and executes a search for a particular key phrase, the search engine returns search results based on it’s database index. If your page satisfies the criteria for the search engines algorithm then it could be picked up and displayed on the search results for that visitor. If your site is displayed on that page then the user can click the link and follow it your site. This is what is called organic traffic from a search engine. It is a highly targeted visitor that has decided to checkout your site. The page that the links joins must be designed to get the visitor to take an action based on your web-pages requirements.

Website Attributes

There are many website and web page attributes that we aim to satisfy before we publish that web page. These attributes can be summarized as follows:

  • Produce Creative Results.
  • Create a functional website.
  • Create Persuasive Site.
  • Keep the target market in view.
  • Address user needs by providing good quality information.
  • Have a proper plan to follow and execute.
  • Produce visually appealing pages.
  • Design professional and quality websites
  • Design and develop web pages and websites that are effective at conversions.
  • Creating a website that has meaning and direction
  • Creating a website that is also appealing at the same time.
  • Give your visitors what they need and help them to contact you or buy from you.

Only a trained and seasoned web developer & designer takes these and many other factors into consideration when designing and building websites.


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