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Website Maintenance

This service enables you the opportunity to let us worry about maintaining your site. This allows you to concentrate or devote your valuable time on working on your business.


Outsourcing your website maintenance work can be a wise move. A business that is short of personnel will understand how valuable this service is. If you can’t afford to put a dedicated team to look after your site 24/7 then it is business-wise to have someone else do the work at a fraction of the cost.

Affordable Maintenance

For a small fee compared to employing a full-time webmaster you will be spending way less than if you had a web-designer and maintenance person employed for the role.

Updating a Website

Updating a website can be a tricky work and it is not everyone’s cup-a-tea. We recommend that you allow qualified or knowledgeable people to edit your company website. All it takes is one letter or a symbol removed from the overall structure of the page code to make your site inaccessible.

The purpose of this service is purely to look after your website without you needing to spend the time to update the content, graphic or anything else for the fraction of the cost of a dedicated staff.

Outsourcing Established Websites

If you already have a site and need it maintained then contact us. Having a site that has grown will need constant care and maintenance to allow smooth functioning of the site.

Websites from time to time need compulsory work done to them in order to continue working at optimal levels. Every now and than site software, plugins, themes, templates and other server software get updated that has a ripple affect on the website that use these things. The affects can be anything from negligible to major changes to a site. So, having someone constantly monitoring these things can counteract the shortfalls.

Advantages of Maintenance

Maintenance is work that allows one to have a smooth riding website, that is fresh, well looked after and basically shows activity for end users that your site and your business are active.

Without maintenance a neglected site, in time will fall and become stale and, eventually drop from search engines top listings. This will have a huge negative impact on your website and business. It will result in less visitors to the site. Having less visitors will see a huge drop in business and that is one thing no business wants to risk doing.

If you don’t have an in-house website designer or developer then it is plain simple that you need to get someone to maintain the company website. It is at times when a full time web-developer is not cost-effective is the time to outsource the web-work.

Maintenance work can involve a simple thing as a monthly backup of your website or it may involve many updates and new pages on a monthly basis. The prices for maintenance varies and is dependent on how much work is required on a monthly basis.

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